Map. History of North Europe conflict

20 February 2018
Naftogaz claims $16 billion from Gazprom for underpaid gas transit through Ukraine. It expects a verdict in Stockholm by February 28.
Tonight PM Löfven held a speech at the manifestation against antisemitism in Stockholm
Norwegian citizen Frode Berge has been arrested on suspicion of espionage in Russia.
2 month ago
Populist right-wing presidential candidate claim Finland's biggest daily HS is doing favours for Kremlin. Earlier HS has been target of far-right due to stance on migration
Gentiloni: I'm not passionate about models: Norway, Canada. If we'll have a transitional period it will be ruled by a sort of Norwegian situation. 2 things are impossible: the cherry-picking approach and having full access to EU trade and market without abiding by SM rules
Former Swedish Prime Minister: Negotiating Brexit deal will take longer than the UK expects
Student dies after being stabbed at Stockholm school
Swedish minister criticized for spending thousands on English language help
"Christmas tree formation" today over Stockholm, Örebro, Malmö, Västerås
Amnesty condemns Iran death sentence for Swedish resident
16-ship from Spider and Ghost Squadrons in Christmas Tree formation over downtown Gothenburg
Swedish PM: 'Sweden has an anti-Semitism problem'
Arson attack was attempted on a synagogue in Sweden, Malmö, no injuries reported. Two burnt out Molotov bottles were found at the main entrance
Goteborg: 3 people arrested in firebomb attack on synagogue in Sweden
Three arrested after attempted arson attack at Swedish synagogue
"Russia is a sieged fortress today. They're isolated and self-isolating themselves" per Nyberg
2 month ago
"Foreign policy is mostly the privilege of the government but its not a monopoly anymore" fmr Finland Ambassador to Russia René Nyberg
With countering Russia, though, "It is educating the people, informing the people…but not playing the [Russia] playbook back" says Finland's fmr Amb Nyberg
2 month ago
"This should not be anti-Russian. It is a larger problem," says René Nyberg, former Ambassador of Finland to Russia at CFR symposium
.@UA_Emb_FI hosted an event CrimeaIsBleeding. Skype-conference with Crimean Tatars leaders Ilmi Umerov and Ahtem Chiygoz, documentary about FreeSentsov2 month ago
[email protected]_Emb_FI hosted an event #CrimeaIsBleeding. Skype-conference with Crimean Tatars leaders Ilmi Umerov and Ahtem Chiygoz, documentary about #FreeSentsov
Suspected bomb explosion in Brålanda,train service is suspended
Southern Swedish region Skåne's flag gets official status
2 month ago
Danish divers find arm assumed to be that of dismembered journalist: police
2 month ago
Kremlin says, North Korea's missile test is a 'provocative action'
One person has been arrested following a small explosion close to a police station in Uppsala, a Swedish city north of Stockholm, on Monday evening.
2 month ago
Two Swedish diplomats to be expelled from Russia: reports
Finland Ambassador @FernandezTarja for organizing 100 years anniversary of Finland's Independency Day in Mogadishu
2 month ago
17-year-old Danish girl jailed for planning bomb attacks on schools
Swedish government commits to improving living conditions for trans people
2 month ago
Finnish Defence Forces defend against simulated attack on Helsinki